‘ZoliMusic is an independent dutch label of composer and multi-instrumentalist Zoli Soos.’
‘ZoliMusic: the right musical touch to motion pictures.’

Zoli Soos is a composer and songwriter of music for film, TV, commercials, games and the concert stage. He currently lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Zoli is a graduate of University of Arts in Utrecht (Faculty of Art, Media and Technology). He obtained Master of Music and Master of Arts degrees with honours.

Zoli has composed music for several bands including Publiek Geheim, Vinsky Project, Barbar project, Unpure?, Walvis aan Wal, Vinsky, theatre, short films and sitcoms like Indutchables.

Press about Zoli’s main projects Vinsky and the Vinsky Project:

”Really nice music with Eastern European roots”

`Zoli Soos creates accessible pieces that we can also find on his album ‘And the moon Shines On’. (…) Irregular rhythms, abrupt musical turns, and exceptional instrumental combinations give this debut CD an appealing character.` (Music Frames)

`All of the songs are of above-average quality and present an exciting form of European songwriting that takes you on a musical journey in a calm and friendly way.` (New Folk Sounds)

`With the advent of their new album And The Moon Shines On, it is evident that, in terms of music, Vinsky has huge potential. The album radiates talent and, with this product, the band members have managed to put themselves on the map as true musicians. To the real music lover, this is a CD that cannot be allowed to pass by unnoticed.` (Festival Info)

`Prompted by uncommon instrument combinations and fusions of sounds, the musicians have embarked upon a new and distinctive course as a band. For this reason, the album holds the listener’s interest from start to finish. Every number is a surprise.` (Festival Info)

`Vinsky is an extremely pleasant voyage of discovery through many musical styles.` (8Weekly)

”Strange, yet intriguing”

”An adventurous mix of dark, angry cello, playing nice and fast; tasteful, tention driving guitar ”


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